The 16th of March it took place the first Neurological Rehabilitation Workshop organized by VITIA, together with Meditouch, an Israeli company, which was held the 16th of March in the Technological Park of Miramon where more than 60 professionals met together.

The workshop started with the reception and presentation of Vitia by the director, Eukene Gil. You can watch how the introduction was in the link below:



We also had the opportunity to hear the experiences from San Vicente Clinic in Madrid, Hegalak and Handicapped Sports Basque Federation, as well as the explanations of Alan Waterman from Meditouch who explained the Biofeedback and Balance Tutor systems. Moreover, we made contact with Israel in order to do a tele-rehabilitation session with a patient who seeks to improve his hand to continue working. You can access the videos trough these links:

Clínica San Vicente:

Hegalak / Federación Guipuzcona de Deporte Adaptado:

Biofeedback Meditouch:


Balance Tutor Meditouch:


In the afternoon, we moved to Aita Menni Hospital in Mondragon, where we were received by Dr. Jose Ignacio Quemada and through 3 examples with patients, Dr. Jaun Ignacio Marin explained in a practical way the functioning and benefits the Balance Tutor has.

We would like to thank all the people who took part in the event and encourage them to participate in the next workshop, where we would continue learning from your experiences and the news that take place in the trauma and neurological rehabilitation.

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