The aim of this events is to know in detail the BalanceTutor device, the benefits provided to the patients, listen to the experience that clinical professionals have had and for anyone interested in, try the system.




On 13-16 November the International Medica Congress was held in Dusseldorf, Germany, the most important congress in medicine, medical industry and application of new technologies in this sector.

More than 6,000 companies showed their latest innovations in a congress which is growing year after year.

In the following link you will find further information about the Congress:

Tomorrow, October 20, the ExpoIctus Congress will be held in Barcelona, the congress to learn about the new technologies that are applied to the rehabilitation of people who have suffered an ictus.

Vitia will participate actively in this congress, which is proposed as a central action that impacts the sectors involved to expose and analyze the situation and the latest advances in relation to the use of technologies in rehabilitation.

In the Imagina Auditorium, a program of informative and scientific conferences will be held during the morning, and it will include round tables on Scientific Evidence, Innovation or Management and Purchase.


The program of the Congress:

This week, from October 18th to 21st in Segovia the Internacional Conference on Neurorehabilitation, is being held.

In Vitia we didn’t want to lose the opportunity and we have been present at this congress that will bring together researchers and students from the areas of Clinical Rehabilitation, Applied Neurophysiology and Biomedical Engineering to promote, nurture and foster this global therapeutic change. On the other hand, the conference will be held in parallel with the International Symposium on Wearable Robotis, which will bring together researchers and innovators from around the world to discuss new approaches, problems and possible solutions in technologies for portable robots, especially in the clinical field.

The human sensorial restoration, motor and cognitive functions has been a fascinating area of research during the last century. The interconnection of the human nervous system with electronic and mechatronic systems to restore or compensate the neuronal function of patients faces its crucial step between research and real clinical reality.


This is the congress website:


From October 28th to 30th Bilbao has been the hub for the Biotechnology Industry and we were there with our stand.


BioSpain, organized by the Spanish Association of BioCompanies, is the fifth international event in the field globaly, more than 700  companies where present, and more than 1.500 people of 28 different countries, one third coming from abroad.

We have had the chance to share enriching experiences with companies in the health sector coming from different states from the USA (Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, etc.), and also from Israel and Great Britain




This week we have been also present at the International Congress ESMAC, celebrated in Sevilla, with the company BTS Bioenginneering.

The annual meeting of ESMAC (Sociedad Europea de Análisis de Movimiento en Adultos y Niños) attracts clinics and researchers of different disciplines such ortopedic surgeons, neurologists, doctors in neuro and physiorehabilitation as well as fisiotherapists, occupational therapists  biomechanical engineers, doctors and others interested in human movement.

On wednesaday 28th, we took part at the BTS Meeting organized by BTS Bioengineering.  The event Meet the Eperts took place giving awards to the best clinic Project. This contest was won by AMBER Bruijnes, form Leuven University (Belgium), awrded by a G-WALK from the Italian company.

The 14th of June Vitia took part in the 5th edition of the Global Innovation Day, an important date for the Basque innovation, and organized by Innobasque, the Basque Agency of Basque Innovation, which was held in the Euskalduna Conference Center in Bilbao.

We are pleased to say that many people came to our Txoko (stand) to know more about Vitia, and we would like to thank their visit, and specially to the President of the Basque Country Iñigo Urkullu, to whom we explained our project in person


The Global Innovation 2016 was a unique opportunity to meet with players of the Basque innovation in order to learn and share experiences in different sectors and activities.

During the day other activities were carried out such as conferences of different sectors and areas, workshops about innovation and Txokos (stands) of innovation where Vitia took part and share with the attendees to our stand our contribution to Basque innovation.

Last 25th of June, we had the opportunity to take part with a stand in one of the most difficult obstacle races in the world, the Reebok Spartan Race, which was held first time in Bilbao, after being held in other cities such as Madrid, Berlin, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, etc.

More than 4.000 Spartans took part in this race, who also came to know by firsthand the latest news in Mbody technology, Myontec EMG systems for sports monitoring and rehabilitation.



The participants had to overcome different traps testing their abilities and physical capacity. Among these, we find barbed wired, Monkey Bars, Fire Jump, and classic ones such as moving tires and climbing ropes and walls.




A hard race of 13km in length celebrated in Artxanda mountain. Luis Barbé and Maria Vila were the winners. All the participants enjoyed, as well as we did sharing our experiences with them.






In May, we attended the SERMEF 2016 Congress (Spanish Association of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine), which was held from the 11th to the 14th in Malaga.

In this edition, we had the opportunity to take part through 2 workshops, as well as we could show the attendees our solutions in our stand.



The first workshop was about sports monitoring and rehabilitation, where Dr. Néstor Perez Mallada accompanied us, Head of Studies at the Pontificia Comillas University in Madrid.



The Team Vitia together with Néstor Perez and Mª Jesus Martinez.



In this workshop, Néstor shared with the attendees his experience with Myontec trousers at the University, as well as he made some practical examples in real time with the participants of the workshop.

On the other hand, during the afternoon, renowned Dr. Juan Ignacio Marin will explain his experience with the Balance Tutor system. He also emphasized the fact how important the perturbations are during the rehabilitation process.



We would like to thank all the rehabilitation doctors, neurologist, physical therapist, occupational therapists, and all the people who came to the stand and took part in the workshops

This is the second workshop organized by VITIA, this time in the field of sports. The Sports Monitoring and Rehabilitation Workshops, which will take place in April in the Technological Park of Miramón in San Sebastian, together with our finish partners, Myontec company.

Myontec systems and products have been developed by experts in innovation and development, and tested by international known sportsmen. Besides, these systems are totally established and have years of experience in sport centers and rehabilitation clinics since 2012, as for example at Football Club Barcelona, Sporting Club of Portugal, the High Performance Team of Red Bull or the cycling team IAM (Swiss Professional Cycling Team) among others.


We encourage you to take part in this event, which will count on experts in the area such as Dr. Gonzalez de Suso (Chief Medical Officer of Real Sociedad) and Pekka Tolvanen (Founder and Vice COB of Myontec).

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