VITIA at ICNR 2016

VITIA at ICNR 2016

This week, from October 18th to 21st in Segovia the Internacional Conference on Neurorehabilitation, is being held.

In Vitia we didn’t want to lose the opportunity and we have been present at this congress that will bring together researchers and students from the areas of Clinical Rehabilitation, Applied Neurophysiology and Biomedical Engineering to promote, nurture and foster this global therapeutic change. On the other hand, the conference will be held in parallel with the International Symposium on Wearable Robotis, which will bring together researchers and innovators from around the world to discuss new approaches, problems and possible solutions in technologies for portable robots, especially in the clinical field.

The human sensorial restoration, motor and cognitive functions has been a fascinating area of research during the last century. The interconnection of the human nervous system with electronic and mechatronic systems to restore or compensate the neuronal function of patients faces its crucial step between research and real clinical reality.


This is the congress website:

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