Neurorehabilitation center Charbel Institute, located in Jerez de la Frontera, is working with biofeedback devices as HandTutor.


Hospital Ciudad de Telde from ICOT Group in Canary Islands will offer rehabilitation service for upper extremities using biofeedback devices.


The rehabilitation center of COCEMFE in Gijón has HandTutors to provide a better service in hand rehabilitation.


Dr. Moliner Hospital in Valencia installs HandTutors to improve their rehabilitation processes in the field of the hand.

Last January, ICOT Group opened the new neurological rehabilitation center at Hospital Ciudad de Telde in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Our thanks to the entire team and especially to Dr. Murie, president of the Spanish Society of Neurological Rehabilitation.






The prestigious Dr. Lorenzo Small Haughton has acquired the BalanceTutor system, for the balance and gait rehabilitation, at the Small Haughton Rehab Hospital in Mexico City.





Last May, the International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology was held, organized by Isokinetic Medical Group together with FIFA and with the support of FC Barcelona.


The scientific program of the congress had as unifying thread the future of football medicine. During three days, on May 13, 14 and 15, 2017, the best specialists in the world gave keynotes addresses, debates and workshops.


Vitia was present at the Congress with a talk entitled "Expected Perturbation in Sport Rehabilitation" by Alan Waterman and Eukene Gil Irurita on the future of sports rehabilitation.


During the talk, we presented to the participants the technological solutions for neurological rehabilitation, offered thanks to the international collaborations that we have.



The Icot clinics network in the Canary Islands, led by Doctor Murie, President of the Spanish Neurorehabilitation Society, will shortly install the Balance Tutor, from Meditouch company, of advanced balance training.

The Balance Tutor, from the Israeli company Meditouch, is an innovative dynamic and static postural control, and a balance exercise tool.


The system consists of a treadmill mounted on a moving force plate platform. The platform moves in the medial/ lateral and forward/ backward plains to simulate the recovery of postural control in both the static and dynamic mode.


Yesterday we celebrated in the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao the 25th anniversary in the attention to brain damage.

We had the opportunity to remember the beginnings of this pioneering service, dedicated in a monographic way to the attention of people with brain damage.


It was noteworthy the presence of Sor Esther Berruete, second general councilor of Hermanas Hospitalarias, who came from Rome; Jon Darpón, Health Councilor of the Basque Government; Isabel Sánchez Robles, deputy for Social Action of the Biscay Foral Council (Diputación Foral de Bizkaia); and Juan María Aburto, mayor of Bilbao.



From VITIA Healthy Experience we want to congratulate for these 25 years of help to people with brain damage.

Alain Gandiaga is the trainer of the Sociedad Deportiva Eibar and we interviewed him so that he could give us his testimony about Mbody from Myontec.

Q. What use does the medical service of the Sociedad Deportiva Eibar give to Mbody of Myontec?

A. Mbody trousers of Myontec is a tool that if fully integrated into the day to day of the first team. It is used both to assess the movement of the players and to track the recovery of the correct pattern.

In professional football, we are obliged to be up to date with innovation and training control. Mbody from Myontec gives us what we have been looking for, that are objective data about what happens in the training with the player.

It is a tool that is used in all the injured players. An evaluation of the movement is made to all the players to have their footprint and to know what pattern we have to return to.

Q. What does Mbody mainly offer you?

A. Nowadays, rehabilitation, prevention and recovey are key in performance. Electromyography is a technology that we already knew, but it was quite static and not very applicable to football. And this Myontec product gives us the possibility to see what is happening in the locomotor system of the players in real time. And make the corrections we consider with security.

It is a very innovative product because allows the player to continue training like he does in his day to day without modifying his gestures. Being able to do this with a device that measures so accurately what is happening is an important innovation for us.

Q. In relation with injuries, how does Mbody help you?

A. Each injury leaves a consequence, modifying the pattern of movement of the player. We are interested in the recuperation of the players’ correct pattern and Myontec is showing us this.


When there has been an injury that causes one side of the body to be used more than the other (because the injured one participates less), with Mbody we can see how the injured side gains confidence and both sides’ patterns equalize, thus recovering its correct pattern.

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