The modern and advanced software of MediTouch systems consists of a range of games of easy utilization which are very motivating for the user. It also allows the monitoring and evaluation of patient´s evolution.

1. Activities

MediTutor software allows the patient to work through guided treatment with games designed to encourage the rehabilitation process and different assessments on patient progress, all while saving data and progress reports and making use of telerehabilitation.

In the treatment section the patient can carry out a series of monitored exercises using the games on the system. The second section includes assessments to evaluate patient progress. In the third section, the professional can review all the data collected during the previous sections, and evaluate the reports for each patient. Lastly, the final section is dedicated to telerehabilitation, which includes remote follow-up and therapy for patients.

2. Treatment

The system is designed to allow the patient to carry out a wide variety of clinically tested exercises. These exercises have been designed by professionals to keep the patient in a constant state of movement. During the exercises, the patient will receive feedback on how the exercise is going, so they can correct they way they are training, if necessary. At the end of the treatment, all of the data that has been collected is saved.

3. Assessment

The system allows a professional to evaluate the patient's biomechanical and kinematic movements. Studying and evaluating the data obtained allows the therapist to better understand any problems with the patient's movement, which then allows for a personalised rehabilitation programme to be created, reflecting the specific needs of each patient.

It is possible to assess the overall range of movement, as well as evaluating different specific movements.

The first evaluation compares the range of active joint movement with the range of passive and assisted movement.

The range of movement analysis is designed to evaluate cyclic movements and bending capacity in joints. Data such as the speed, quality and smoothness of each movement is collected, as well as any trembling, etc.

Assessment Assessment Assessment
4. Reports

MediTutor allows you to see the reports generated following the different assessments on each patient. The programme allows you to filter the reports according to different criteria, in order to make searching easier. In addition, the software can create graphs for the reports made so you can visualise the patient's progress.

Reports Reports Reports
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