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Cardio Set: It is easy to measure your heart rate while you exercise, and it is shown on the touchscreen. POLAR ® Technology.

Adjustable leg support to stop legs from moving during exercise.

New adjustable leg supports to stop legs moving during exercise. 

Arm support. The ideal support for paralysed or weakened arms, with protection to stop arms from moving, allowing the arms to be supported while the hands can relax in a semi-circular support. Adjustable, designed so you can move your shoulder freely.

Functional Electrical Stimulation: 
Designed for people who want to improve their health by pedalling, increasing muscle mass, improving their metabolism and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, all through the use of functional electrical stimulation.

RTR Anti-tip Protection. This consists of two straps that support the foot on the training device and can be attached to the wheelchair.



Anti-tip PROTECT protection to prevent falls during exercise.

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