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The electrical currents stimulate muscle movement in the legs, allowing users to fully exercise on the bike, even if their legs are completely paralysed.


Fes Functional Electrostimulation

Electrical stimulation uses electrical currents to create muscle contractions. The electrical current is generated by the machine, and is applied using electrodes on the skin close to the muscles that need to be stimulated. The electrical current causes muscles to contract. The electrodes are normally stuck to the skin. Electrical stimulation is a type of electrotherapy or muscle training. The technique is used by a range of different people as a complementary method for sports training and physiotherapy, and there are a number of published studies on the subject.

The advanced electrical technology used by the machine allows paraplegics to ride a bicycle again. It can be combined with almost all our products.

Who can benefit from electrical stimulation?

This approach is only advised for people who have suffered a spinal injury. The main two criteria for use are; the possibility of generating muscle spasms, and a low level of pain perception in the legs.


Electrotherapy has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. It helps improve the physical form, which improves the body's defence system. It helps increase muscle mass and blood flow, which in turn improves metabolism. It reduces muscle spasms and, by increasing activity, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. With FES, you can rediscover the feeling of riding a bicycle, while improving your overall well-being at the same time.

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