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Leg trainer: Model developed to train the lower body. 


The Movanimo leg training system provides a large touch screen and offers a system of either active or passive exercise with motor assistance and resistance.

Modern 7.5" touchscreen with bright colours, which can be used to modify all the settings on the device.

The device has a variety of programmes tailored for different needs; post-operative programmes, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and programmes focussing on resistance, symmetry and cardiovascular fitness.

A detailed training analysis can be carried out, recording the details of up to 17 different training settings. These include: distance, speed, kCal, pedal torsion, etc.

Ergonomic handles can be adjusted for height and and angle to improve grip, thereby better distributing the weight and force exerted on the pedals.

Passive training (completely motorised), active training (with the patient's own force) and soft training (with motorised assistance). You can choose the mode on the screen, as well as alter the turn speed. 

Anti-spasticity ASP control is available, and can be adjusted to different levels, detecting spasticity and modifying the turn of the pedal in order to compensate.

All of the adjustments for the pedals, handlebars, pedal axes and so on are easy and quick to do, and are specially designed to be easy to use with both arms.

They are adapted to be easily accessible from a wheelchair, and the machine was designed with this in mind.

The non-slip feet can be adjusted to different heights to be in better contact with the ground.

The new quick changes for the pedal axes mean you can adjust the radius and diameter of the pedals according to your movements.

An isokinetic mechanism increases the rotational motion slowly and, if desired, it can be increased to a maximum value of 60 rpm after approximately 10 seconds.


Passive and active training. It also offers an antispastic control (ASP), adjustable to different levels, which recognizes spasticity, slowly stopping the turn to change the direction of the pedaling to lessen it.

Cardio Set: It is easy to measure your heart rate while you exercise, and it is shown on the touchscreen. POLAR ® Technology.

Adjustable leg support to stop legs from moving during exercise.

New adjustable leg supports to stop legs moving during exercise. 

Functional Electrical Stimulation: 
Designed for people who want to improve their health by pedalling, increasing muscle mass, improving their metabolism and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, all through the use of functional electrical stimulation.

RTR Anti-tip Protection. This consists of two straps that support the foot on the training device and can be attached to the wheelchair.



Anti-tip PROTECT protection to prevent falls during exercise.

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