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The modern and advanced software of Movanimo systems allows the realization of exercise with different programs which are very easy to use, tailored to the user's situation (from post-operational program, to more specific programs as multiplesclerosis cases, parkinson, paraplegia, etc.). It also allows the monitoring and evaluation of patient´s evolution.


The software for our Movanimo and Movanimo Plus bicycles is perfectly designed to guide patient movement during training, and to provide all the necessary information to show how it is going.

The software has several different training mode options: First of all, there is "Quick Mode". This mode allows you to configure all the necessary training settings, such as speed, resistance and time. Once this information has been programmed in, the user can then start training simply by pressing "Quick Start". .

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Secondly, there are several different training modes that are specifically programmed with different objectives in mind. All of the settings are already programmed in for each training option. The software offers guidance to the patient on whether exercise should be carried out in passive, active or soft training mode, with certain pre-programmed settings such as speed and resistance. The training programmes are:

  • Standard Training
  • Symmetry
  • Resistance
  • Cardio
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Postoperative recovery
Reha Software

Once one of the training programmes has been selected, the software will guide you on the suggested speed to turn the pedals, the resistance that should be used, whether the exercise should be carried out in active, passive or soft training mode, and how much time is needed for training. All of the settings for each training period should be configured and customised to suit the needs of each patient.

The software shows the information on the training exercises in real time, so the patient can see if they are exercising as they should, or whether there are some things that need to be corrected. It shows the distance travelled, calories burned, watts generated, anti-spasticity ASC control, time of use, turning speed, turn resistance and the percentage of force used by one foot or the other.

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Lastly, the patient can choose an individual training plan by clicking on "Individual Training". The software gives you the option of training in passive mode, which means training with a completely motorised movement, with no effort made by the patient. "Soft Training" mode means the machine assists the patient, and finally active mode means the patient makes all of the effort.

  • Passive Training
  • Soft Training
  • Active Training
Reha Software

The Movanimo software system has a complete training analysis system, and the machines save all the information generated during each training session. This information, as well as the full statistics, can be downloaded from the machine onto a USB drive. The data collected during training sessions is as follows:

  • Total Km on Active Mode
  • Total/Active duration
  • Kcal
  • KJ
  • Symmetry
  • Average/maximum watts
  • Level of activity
  • Average/maximum Rpm
  • Average/maximum torque
  • Average/maximum resistance
  • Level of spasticity

The Movinamo training system software is a very useful tool to monitor patient progress and evaluate the training sessions completed.

Reha Software
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