Vitia y la experiencia con la salud

How does Vitia help?

Here at VITIA we work to improve the quality of life of people with reduced mobility through physical and mental exercise. To achieve this, we offer advanced systems that focus on prevention and physical and neurocognitive rehabilitation. Our machines are specifically designed for people who need special treatment, the elderly, people undergoing rehabilitation, and people with some level of disability.

Our mission is to offer the best possible rehabilitation products and to improve the physical condition of, through the means of controlled exercise certified by medical experts. 

Vitia y la experiencia con la salud

Our rehabilitation systems have been tried and tested by prestigious medical centres and world renowned doctors such as Dr Lucas Gutachten (Zurich), the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York and the Kenedy Krieger Institute in EEUU or the Royal Free London Hospital in London among others.

The following sport clubs are using Myontec systems with their professionals: Liverpool Football Club, Footbal Club Barcelona, Sporting Club of Portugal, the High Performance Team of Red Bull, or the IAM cycling team (Swiss Professional Cycling Team) among others.

La evolución del paciente puede hacerse a distancia sin necesidad de la continua presencia del especialista.

These systems are ideal for exercising in specialized centers or at home, due to its commodity, compatibility of experts control and its easy use.

The software allows tele-monitoring in movement or tele-rehabilitation.

The therapist can change in real time the parameters of the exercises and adapt them in a specific way to each person. This ensures that the person will be able to exercise from his own home in a controlled and documented way.

Vitia y la experiencia con la salud

VITIA systems come with advanced software that can be adapted to user needs, and include challenging games to motivate patients to complete exercises, resulting in quicker recovery times.

All of our machines come with software that records patient progress in a simple, practical and visual way. This system means the therapist has more control over patient activity.

Vitia y la experiencia con la salud

VITIA works together with other companies and institutions. The majority of these companies are linked to the field of rehabilitation, recuperation and physical exercise for people with reduced mobility. We are grateful for their commitment, trust and professionalism. The companies include: 

Bic Berrilan
Diputación Foral de Guipúzcoa
Fomento de San Sebastián
Federación Guipuzcoana de Deporte Adaptado
Fundación Edad y Vida
Gobierno Vasco
Via Libre
Instituto Biomecánico de Valencia
Asociación Española de Fisioterapeutas

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