MediTutor offers telerehabilitation in real time, which means the patient is outside the clinic and uses the device to connect to a professional who can see what the patient is doing in real time.

The professional can see the progress of each game on his or her computer, as well as seeing what the patient sees and the results obtained in real time. In addition, the professional can modify the settings for each exercise, analysing treatment and giving instructions to the patient if necessary.

Patient monitoring

In addition, the system is also able to monitor the patient. The professional can prepare a set of exercises for the patient, to be carried out according to a set schedule. The data generated from the exercises carried out by the patient will be saved on the cloud. Later on, the professional can see, in a very visual manner, whether or not the patient is carrying out the exercises correctly.

In this way, the professional can monitor the progress of several patients at the same time in an easy and comfortable way.

Patient Monitoring
What are the advantages of telerehabilitation?
  • Professionals can monitor more patients at the same time.
  • The patient can carry out exercises from home.
  • The patient is free to exercise whenever he or she wants within the stipulated period.
  • Less expensive.
  • Frees up space in clinics.
Improving Clinical Outcomes Cost Savings Of Telerehabilitation
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