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Myontec systems and products have been developed by professional sportsmen and sportswomen worldwide and specialists in I+D, manufacturing and software in Finland.

Myontec is a finnish company created in 2008 with the aim of developing and commercializing devices measuring muscle activation for a better training, injury prevention and optimizing the rehabilitation processes.

Myontec systems and products have been developed by experts in innovation and development, and tested by international known sportsmen. Besides, these systems are totally established and have years of experience in sport centers and rehabilitation clinics since 2012, as for example at Football Club Barcelona, Sporting Club of Portugal, the High Performance Team of Red Bull or the cycling team IAM (Swiss Professional Cycling Team) among others.

Smart Weareables Innovation World Cup

Smart wearables

The first and only smart shorts that measures muscle activation in the world with an application for monitoring in real time and an online training diary with versatile characteristics of analysis and tracing.

Myontec Mobdy is a complete training system that allows to analyze your daily training and performance. Myontec Mbody Pro measures muscle activation. Our technology combining with our application for phones and tablets, and our software Muscle Monitor, offers to professional customers a new dimension in the way of understanding muscle performance during training.

In 2012 “The New York Times” gave the third position to Myontec in its article “32 Innovations That Will Change your Tomorrow”. The patented technology used in this product has taken us to the creation of Myontec Mbody, our product developed specially for recreational sportsmen and sportswomen and professional athletes.

Mbody won “The Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2013/2014” in the category of “Sports & Fitness”. Besides, Myontec Mbody has been recognized as the finalist in the ISPO Brand, in January 2014.



¿Do you know that the 75% of injuries in the lower part of the body are caused by imbalances?

  • Shows balance in muscle work and its variations.
  • Detects muscle imbalances and weaknesses.
  • Improves balance of your muscle training.
  • Detects hidden problems.
Carga muscular

Muscle Load

¿Do you know that warming your muscles impoves your neuromuscular control and decreases your muscle activation? An appropriate muscle warming decreases the risk of injury.

  • Measures the level of muscle load and its changes.
  • Ensures the state of your muscles and the impact of warming.
  • Controls muscle load.
  • Manages the intensity of your trainings.
Carga muscular


¿Do you know which is the ratio quadriceps/hamstrings for professional sportsmen/sportswomen?
40/60% in running
50/50% in cycling 

  • Carry on the ratio quadriceps/hamstrings and its variations.
  • Improve your technique.
  • Control load profiles (sports specific).
  • Measure the impact of the intensity, fatigue and biomechanical factors in the load ratio.


Myontec systems are indicated to improve training, injury prevention and optimize rehabilitation processes.
Monitorization is the key for the correct and successful muscle training process after an injury.




I have used Mbody in different ways: we have used it to analyze efficiency in cycling, and it helps in the rehabilitation processes to follow muscles in different movements in different stages.

Per Lundstam
High Performance Manager, Red Bull

Mbody provides a totally new dimension in developing training methods and its periods.

Timo Vuorimaa
Dpe, Professional Coach, Principal Lecturer R&D , Haaga-Helia University Of Applied Sciences

We can also analyze the efficiency in skating and the profile of muscles for extreme skating, which helps to improve the technique. I am enthusiastic with the possibility of measuring training load analyzing the amount of muscle activation. This way we will be able to evaluate how to compare a physical training with other, or with a match.

Mike Kadar
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pittsburgh Penguins NHL-team

When I was a cyclist I always had problems when I had to start going up just after the sart and I wasn’t enough warm… with this shorts I can help my cyclist to know how much they should warm up before the beginning of the races.

Kjell Carlström
Sporting Director, IAM Cycling

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